About Callula Lillibelle

She’s confident, sophisticated and chic. She plays as hard as she works, and knows that a little naughty can be nice. She doesn’t try to be the center of attention. It just happens. She’s the Callula Lillibelle woman.

Sleek and feminine, with a nod to classic mid-century style and 80s power glamour, the Callula Lillibelle collection delivers contemporary silhouettes for the modern, multifaceted woman. It’s a look designed to embrace and enhance the female figure in all its forms, whether that means va-va-voluptuous, sensuously slender or something in between. And it’s style that goes effortlessly from boardroom to bistro to bedroom — just like she does.


Melanie Fraser Hart Creative

Creative Director ~ Lead Designer ~ CEO ~ President

At the heart of Melanie Fraser’s multifaceted career is a passion for all things creative. Melanie threw herself into the study of art and design starting in high school, at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston. She went on to major in theater at Bennington College and then headed west to Los Angeles, where she landed a job with legendary film producer Arnold Kopelson. Then, just as she was getting hungry for a new challenge, Vidal Sassoon hired her to write his speeches. She quickly became his right-hand woman and, when she wasn’t busy helping him manage his beauty empire, earned her MBA from Anderson School of Business at UCLA.

Melanie’s next big venture was “House of Poe,” dedicated to designing gorgeous urns and caskets. Her partner was Gregory Poe, the late West Coast fashion design icon and a descendant of, yes, Edgar Allen Poe. (Gregory’s brother Jeff, owner of famed Blum and Poe Gallery, would later become a trusted advisor as Melanie started Callula Lillibelle.) Sadly Gregory died just as the business was taking off. In the years that followed, Melanie did a series of marketing and branding consulting engagements and also gave birth to her son, Robbie. When her daughter was born, Melanie became a full-time mom. Meanwhile, Melanie’s next idea was taking shape: she dreamed of creating a clothing line that empowered women to showcase their femininity without flaunting it, and go from desk to dinner with class and style. Think Audrey Hepburn, Veronica Lake, Bettie Page and Joanie from Mad Men all in one sexy, sophisticated package.

Today, Callula Lillibelle is all of that and more… Melanie draws on her breadth of creative passions, ranging from modern furniture and antiques to theater, architecture, and beyond to create the unforgettable look of Callula Lillibelle.

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